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Parsifal by Richard Wagner at the Goetheanum

After the great national success comes Parsifal 
again on the stage of the Goetheanum.
The production combines opera and eurythmy.

The Goetheanum is often referred to as the Grail Castle, but now it is becoming one.Parsifal, the last European myth, Richard Wagner opens up for modern times - a freelance project team is bringing this stage festival play to the Goetheanum near Basel:

Jasmin Solfaghari (opera direction) will also be working with Walter Schütze (stage and costume design) and Stefan Hasler (eurythmy direction) will be working with Klaus Suppan (lighting design).


Richard Wagner's musical bridge from the here and now to transcendent inner worlds is made audible by conductor Roland Fister with the Baden-Baden Philharmonic and made visible by 29 eurythmists from the Goetheanum Eurythmy Ensemble and the Else Klink Ensemble Stuttgart. Opera art and eurythmy meet in Wagnerian grandeur: a stage language that explores the music by Jasmin Solfaghari and the fluid movement of eurythmy by Stefan Hasler.


Where, if not inParsifal, would such a crossover of art forms be the appropriate means? It's all about meeting the Grail Guardians who are trapped in paralysis
liberate and the gateway to development
and release redemption. “Knowing through pity” is the magic word with which Parsifal heals the wound after a long journey of error. Grail and spear come together again, head and heart become one.


What with the staging ofParsifal What happens at the Goetheanum is new artistic territory. According to Jasmin Solfaghari and Stefan Hasler, the figure of Parsifal was the best inspiration for “unabashedly setting up” the collaborative effort.


The fact that the production becomes a reality is thanks to the initiative and commitment of Alexander von Glenck.

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